Melissa has been a lover of history and folklore her entire life. She was born in a haunted hospital, then lived in a haunted house, and attended a reportedly haunted school as a youngster.  This lead to a natural curiosity about all things on the dark side of the folklore.

Melissa attended college in Victoria, BC, studying history and psychology. However, she would regularly be researching the ghostly and occult history of the city rather than her required classes. She took a hiatus from scholarship to help run a business and start a family, but the love of folklore never left. 

 In 2015 Melissa completed her degree in graphic design, and has been podcasting since 2016. She started behind the scenes designing eZines, websites, and founding The Folklore Podcast with author Mark Norman.  She then branched out on her own with esoteric studies on the Secret Door Podcast, and then began researching cults on D:Programmed Podcast.  

This venture with Leticia is exciting and we can't wait to explore the Dark Side of Folklore! 

Leticia has a lifelong interest in the oral traditions of ancient cultures. As a child she enjoyed listening to AM radio theatre shows, Paranormal/SciFi/Horror televisions series and pulp comic fiction.



Leticia is a Holistic Health Practioner, Artist, Independent Media Producer and an Esoteric/Occult Researcher.

She and Melissa hope to revive an interest in reading or listening to Folkloric Dark Fiction by introducing the audience to authors and tales from around the world.

Let's explore together on FOLKLOREDARK!!!




Matthew is a musician, composer, producer, language and history enthusiast, and author living in London. A largely self-taught musician, Matthew signed his first record contract in 1999 and to date has released three solo electronic music albums and many EPs and singles under the name 'Snakestyle'. He has collaborated with many other electronic and classical musicians and performers over the years and his music appears on over 30 compilations.


A love of history and languages, coupled with a recent discovery that 33% of his DNA is Scandinavian, led to an interest in Norse mythology, history and culture, resulting in a musical collaboration with Swedish high-priestess Tove Aradala entitled 'Nordic Patterns'. A passion for languages such as Latin, Anglo-Saxon, Old French, and Old Norse has resulted in Matthew publishing a series of parallel translations of Icelandic Sagas, Legendary sagas, and medieval folk tales, as well as books about runes, magical symbols, ancient writing systems, and other topics such as pirates and the history of opium.